Introduction to

Hong Kong Finance Investment Holding Group Limited

Hong Kong Finance Investment Holding Group Limited (a company listed on Stock Exchange main board in Hong Kong , stock code: 00007, hereinafter referred to as the “Group”)is beneficially held by Dr. Hui Chi Ming through Hong Kong Finance Equity Investment Limited,Hong Kong Finance Equity Management Limited and Hong Kong Finance Equity Holding Limited , which holding of  979,174,284 shares, 864,057,143 shares and 1,128,719,115 shares of the Group respectively, accounting for 24.45%, 21.60% and  28.22%of the issued share capital of the Group respectively. As such, Dr. HUI Chi Ming collectively hold 2,971,950,542shares of the Group, accounting for 74.30% of the issued share capital of the Group, being the controlling shareholder of the Group, other public shareholders hold 1,028,049,458shares of the Group, accounting for 25.70% of the issued share capital of the Group.


The Group owns categories 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 Hong Kong Financial Operations Licence, and has been engaged in financial and securities operations for a long term; the Group has successfully completed the acquisition of FUN HILL- a comprehensive large-scale real estate development and management project in February 2018. FUN HILL occupies an area of 500 mu, with a planned floor area of 2.65 million square meters and a building area of 1.30 million square meters. The Group’s investment management business has expanded from finance & securities, energy mineral resource, environmental development and international trade, to real estate and hotel property investment and development.


The Group owns four industry pillars - finance & securities, real estate & property assets, oil, natural gas & mineral resources, and environmental protection projects & international trade, and carries out the investment management business of these four industry pillars through the following four wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Group: Hong Kong Finance Investment Group Limited、Hong Kong Finance Property Group Limited、Hong Kong Finance Resource Group Limitedand Hong Kong Finance Investment Development Group Limited.

1, Finance & securities business:

The Group carries out finance & securities investment management business through its exclusively-invested enterprise HONG KONG FINANCE INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED (香港金控金融投資集團有限公司).

The Group carries out finance & securities investment management business through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Karl Thomson Financial Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Karl Thomson Financial Group"), Karl Thomson Investment Consultants Limited、Karl Thomson Credit Limited, Karl Thomson Property Agency Limited, Karl Thomson Worldwide Immigration Consultants Limited; it also provides a variety of services including securities investment & immigration consultancy services, stock futures trading, corporate financing, assets and fund management, insurance service, lending and borrowing, financial consultant, consulting service, real estate broker and immigration consultant; it also has a one-stop finance & securities operating service platform to provide whole set financial operations and services.

Karl Thomson Financial Group, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Group, owns the securities trading service (Licence no.1), futures trading service (Licence no. 2), providing advices on securities (Licence no. 4), providing advices for institutional financing (Licence no. 6), securities margin financing service (Licence no. 8), and assets management service (Licence no. 9) granted by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, the membership of Hong Kong Confederation Of Insurance Brokers(HKCIB), Money Lender Licence and Real Estate Agent Licence, Finance & Securities Dealer's Licence as well as a professional operation team with rich experience. Hong Kong Finance Holding's finance & securities business enjoys a long history and good reputation in the industry, all operating companies strictly abide by the internal control regulations, strive to maintain a high standard of professional ethics and image, and have never been subject to the condemnment and punishment of regulatory body. Karl Thomson Financial Group is targeted to become a representative outstanding enterprise to operate international financial services throughout the world based on Asia market.

Karl Thomson Financial Group had actively participated in the subscription and share placement of finance & securities services, being one underwriter for the listing of Natural Beauty Bio-Technology Limited (157) in 2002 and lead the share restructuring thereafter, other underwriting jobs Karl Thomson Financial Group have taken charge of including China Resources Gas Group Limited (1193) , Rosedale Hotel Holdings Limited (1189), China Power New Energy Development Company Limited (735) etc.

Karl Thomson Financial Group currently has applied to Securities and Futures Commission to set up a fund with an investment amount of 200 million US dollars, mainly to invest in the securities listed in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Karl Thomson Financial Group actively participated in insurance and financial management services, and has signed cooperation agreement with large insurance companies and financial groups in Hong Kong to provide various financial products, such as life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and other diversified portfolios.

The Group also enters into strategic cooperation with Guangdong Yuecai Group, a state-owned enterprise directly subordinate to Guangdong provincial government, both parties agree on invest 350 million yuan to establish a finance & securities joint venture in Nansha of Guangzhou and Hong Kong to carry out the relevant businesses.

Karl Thomson Financial Group, the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group , not only holds 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 categories Hong Kong Financial Operations Licenses, but also has an outstanding operation management team who is familiar with local culture and with broad international vision and rich professional experience, forming a one-stop investment service system of investment + legal services + financial services + property management + assets allocation. The Group’s financial & securities services will continue with the past and open up the future, strive to consummate existing services, and in accordance with its established policies, further implement and expand the operating conditions and achieve to goal of globalization of the operating services.

2, Real estate & property investment

The Group carries out real estate & property assets investment management business through its exclusively-invested enterprise - 香港金控地產集團有限公司.

The Group wholly owns the FUN HILL real estate development and operation project located in Donghai Island, Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, the PRC.

The FUN HILL Project is located at the core CBD area in Donghai Island, occupying an area of 500 mu, with a planned area of 2.65 million square meters and a building area of 1.3 million square meters, which is a main investment, development and operation project aimed to complete urban core functions in Donghai Island, drive and improve comprehensive supporting functions and conditions. FUN HILL Project is equipped with five-star hotels and an international convention center, international wine trading center, international fishery trading center, indoor tropical rainforest business street, graduates creative industry base, high class office buildings and residence and other multifunctional comprehensive conditions and facilities, which is the most high-end multifunctional comprehensive development and operation project.

The Group owns the relevant properties at Rong Ning Yuan community of No.60, Guang An Men South Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing, PRC, which include (i) the 1st and 2nd floor of the commercial podium of Block 2 with an area of approximately 1,323.61 square meters; and (ii) the car park and storage rooms at the basement of Block 1 to Block 6 with an area of approximately 15,036.42 square meters. The car park comprises of two storeys with a total of 384 parking spaces.

The Rong Ning Yuan community that developed and managed by Beijing Yinghe Real Estate Comprehensive Development Company, the exclusively-invested enterprise of the Group, was granted the honor of “The Most Beautiful Community” by Beijing Municipal Government due to its good design and construction quality, and was also granted The Luban Prize for Construction Project by the Ministry of Construction. Rong Ning Yuan community is primely located between the second ring and the third ring in Beijing with complete supporting facilities in surrounding areas.

The Group is also the owner of “Orchid Garden Hotel” located in Tananarive, the capital of the Republic of Madagascar, which is a comprehensive three-star standard hotel with commercial and residential functions. The hotel property enjoys convenient transportation, adjacent to Ivato International Airport and Ivato International Convention Center.

“Orchid Garden Hotel” occupies a total floor area of approx. 4,200 square meters, the land use term is 99 years, including an area of the land used of 1,834 square meters, and a total building area of 6,500 square meters, the hotel property consists of five floors and a one-floor basement. The hotel currently offers 68 standard rooms, including 4 luxury rooms and 64 double rooms, equipped with meeting rooms, fitness center, restaurant, bar, shops, swimming pool and outdoor parking lot and other functional facilities. There is a garden with an area of 2,366 square meters, which can also be used as construction land.

3, Oil, natural gas & mineral resources business:

The Group, through its subordinate exclusively-invested enterprise-香港金控資源集團有限公司, carries out investment management of oil, natural gas & mineral resources.

The Group owns 7 oil fields with a combined area of 13,652 square kilometers in The Arab Republic of Egypt, Tunisia and Madagascar as follows:

(1) The Group owns 100% of the exploration, exploitation and operation rights as well as the profit sharing right of The Arab Republic of Egypt West Esh El Mellaha Oilfield Block 2.

​West Esh El Mellaha Oilfield Block 2 is located in The Arab Republic of Egypt with an area of approx. 1,000 square kilometers, the Group owns 8 years of exploration period, 20 years of mining, production and management period as well as the profit sharing right.

(2) The Group owns the exploration, exploitation and operation rights as well as the profit sharing right of the 5 oilfield blocks of a total area of 2252 square kilometers in Tunisia Ksar Hadada Permit zone. The Group owns 7 years of exploration period, 30 years of mining and management period as well as the profit sharing right.

(3) The Group owns the exploration, exploitation and operation rights as well as the profit sharing right of Madagascar Oilfield Block 2101 which is in the northern part of Madagascar with a total of 10,400 square kilometers.

Pursuant to the exploration, exploitation and oil and gas production sharing contract, the Group owns 8 years of oil and gas exploration rights (may be extended for 2 years and 5 years respectively for oil and gas exploration), 25 years of oil exploitation and operation rights (may be extended for 5 years) and 35 years of natural gas exploitation and operation rights (may be extended for 10 years) in Madagascar Oilfield Block.

4, Environmental development investment and international trade business:

The Group, through the exclusively-invested enterprise - 香港金控投資發展集團有限公司, carries out environmental protection projects investment and international trade investment management business.

(1) The Group, through environmental resource management company, carries out environmental resource exploitation and utilization, strive to ensure the development and construction of resource projects to reach international environmental-protection standard and achieve optimum benefit, and maximize management efficiency and social benefit through improvement of oil & gas and mineral resources projects.

(2) The Group, through the international trade business, continue to effectively enter into high value transactions of oil, gas and mineral resource products, pursuing optimum benefit for profitability of international transfer of the product resources.

Through and after merger and acquisition of all or the mast majority of the controlling interest in the 7 oilfield blocks located in Madagascar, Egypt and Tunisia, the Group successfully completed merger and acquisition to 100% of the exploration, exploitation and operation rights as well as the profit sharing right of Kenya Copper Mine. The Group, through integration of asset acquisition reservation of overseas oil, gas, cooper mine and gold mine projects, further optimized the green and environmental protection functions of the investment management projects, injecting low-carbon green elements into the international trade business in oil, gas and mineral resources. Recently, by grasping the good opportunity of sustainable economic growth in Mainland China, the Group completed the merger and acquisition to Beijing property assets and Zhanjiang large-scale comprehensive real estate development project on favorable terms. The Group carries out investment, development and management in nature precious assets reserves value-addition, finance & securities and real estate properties, creating good conditions for all shareholders to seek ideal return on investment.