Dear Shareholders,

I am greatly honored and privileged to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the Board of "HKFIHG", while enjoying full support and cherish of Shareholders. I am ably assisted by the Deputy Chairman of the Board Mr. Neil Bush and other Directors, as well as supported by the Shareholders. High hopes are in store for us as Hoifu Energy turns a new page in its history.

Only when we develop in line with the prevailing trend can we prosper, and grow from small to become big, from weak to become strong. In the same vein, the businesses of "Hoifu Energy" can develop and strengthen only if it follows the trends of current economic development. Therefore, "HKFIHG" will continue its stable development of securities and financial operations, step up efforts in natural gas exploration and exploitation, actively invest in and carry out its production operation and international trading business. These are also "HKFIHG's" well thought out operational objectives which we must strive to achieve.


In the future, "HKFIHG" plans to devote more human and financial resources to identify and seize opportunities to undertake more development projects that will be beneficial to "HKFIHG's" oil and gas businesses, to further and widen our investment and operation in international petroleum projects in pursuit of and strive to achieve maximization of Shareholders' interests. Each and every member of the "HKFIHG" management team will be united in our collective efforts and work diligently to achieve outstanding performance for "HKFIHG" so as to repay its Shareholders and business partners for their trust in and support to us.


By order of the Board

Dr. Hui Chi Ming, G.B.S., J.P.


20 May, 2018